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Evenig session by skype 2015-06-18

You can take part in our evenig session by skype. Please contact us for more info.

My spiritual healing classes and workshops 2015-04-18

Please note! The next spiritual healing classes and workshops take place:

20th-26th April 2015 from Monday to Sunday.

Please, contact me for more info. Thank you.

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Car harmoniser (The guardian of bio-field)

Car harmoniser restores psychical and emotional balance of the driver and passengers. Improves concentration while driving. Gives a sense of calm and relaxation. Strengthens the driver’s energy (his/her bio-field), which reduces fatigue. Removes negative electromagnetic fields emitted by car electronics. The harmonizer can be placed anywhere inside the car (most preferably near the driver’s seat). Its operating range is 5 metres.

You can pay by paypal or credit and debit cards:

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PRICE: £7,5

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