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Evenig session by skype 2015-06-18

You can take part in our evenig session by skype. Please contact us for more info.

My spiritual healing classes and workshops 2015-04-18

Please note! The next spiritual healing classes and workshops take place:

20th-26th April 2015 from Monday to Sunday.

Please, contact me for more info. Thank you.

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Helis healing classes - £300 (£100 in advance),

Reiki 1st level workshops - £150 (£50 in advance),

Reiki 2nd level workshops - £250 (£100 in advance),

teaching workshops - £350 (£150 in advance),

Individual and on distance Reiki courses - £40 (in advance),

Reiki meditation - £60 (in advance),

Use my e-mail to ask all the questions related to courses and workshops: aniolstroz@onet.eu.


Theta Healing courses - two day workshop - £200 (£100 in advance).


1 hour Theta healing course (individually and on distance) - £60 (in advance).

birth horoscope, which will be the basic course of our knowledge. One needs the hour of birth (not everyone knows it, but we will manage even without it) - £50 (in advance),

planet movements - crucial for future telling and looking in the past - £50 (in advance),

partnership horoscope - imposing one birth horoscope on another through which we can then discuss about strenghts and weaknesses of relationshisps - £80 (in advance),

primary/secondary progresses - prediction techniques (future telling) based on actual planet movements - £50 (in advance),

directions - another prediction technique, purely symbolic and using no astronomic data - £50 (in advance),

lunar and solar horoscopes - preparation of symbolic horoscopes for a given month or year - £50 (in advance),

contact horoscope (vector) - synastric technique, averaging the position of the same and other planets - £50 (in advance),

horoscopic points - cotained in two different horoscopes, i.e. we combine two different horoscopes into one and on its basis we conclude about possible partner relationships - £50 (in advance),

election astrology - choosing the right moment for starting some undertaking (e.g. company establishment, becoming engaged, etc.) - £50 (in advance),

political astrology - conclusions on the fate of countries and nations - £50 (in advance).

hourly astrology - most magical astrology type, similar to card reading. The client asks the question, astrologer prepares the horoskop and tries to find answers to the questions asked - £50 (in advance).

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