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Evenig session by skype 2015-06-18

You can take part in our evenig session by skype. Please contact us for more info.

My spiritual healing classes and workshops 2015-04-18

Please note! The next spiritual healing classes and workshops take place:

20th-26th April 2015 from Monday to Sunday.

Please, contact me for more info. Thank you.

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Reiki healing UK

Being a professional and certified Reiki healing UK expert I offer you my experience in providing you with the universal life energy so important for all living things to live a peaceful and joyful life.

Usually the Reiki healing session lasts up to an hour and the person undrgoing the healing lies down fully clothed. All the energy is passed through hands put on different parts of the body.


Reiki natural healing is:

  • fully safe,
  • effective for young people,
  • effective for teenagers,
  • effective for elder people,
  • effective for pregnant women,
  • safe for the unconscious,
  • good for curing physical problems,
  • excellent for curing mental problems,


Indications for using Reiki:

  • eradicating prolonged stress,
  • getting rid of insomnias,
  • bringing back emotional stability,
  • getting rid of allergies,
  • strenghtening of internal body organs and their functioning,
  • and many others

Reik healing UK courses and sessions are aimed at passing the healing energy from the Reiki Master to the patient by a special use of hands for different types of health problems.

As a professional and experienced Reiki Master I can help you in bringing back both the external and the internal harmony to you by breaking the energetic barriers in chakras (energetic places in the body).


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