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Evenig session by skype 2015-06-18

You can take part in our evenig session by skype. Please contact us for more info.

My spiritual healing classes and workshops 2015-04-18

Please note! The next spiritual healing classes and workshops take place:

20th-26th April 2015 from Monday to Sunday.

Please, contact me for more info. Thank you.

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Stationary harmoniser Bio Info 1

Stationary harmoniser Bio Info 1 can be placed at home, in the school, workplace, treatment and rehabilitation clinics (e.g. during a massage) and wherever a person feels tired and weak. This device creates an area free of fear, aggression, negative thought forms, thus supporting the process of changes taking place on Earth at the moment. The energy of this harmonizer protects and strengthens the human energy system, restores emotional balance and a sense of security. Removes negative, persistent thoughts that cause anxiety and depression. Harmonizes the inner human essence. Cleanses the body from non-positive, parasitic forms of energy. Soothes the nervous system.

Purifies and transforms those places on Earth where energy disturbances occur, e.g. watercourses, geopathic radiation, places irradiated with e.g. X-rays, places of tragic events, accidents, houses with energy disturbances, hospitals, etc. Its operating range is 10 metres.

Harmonizer [harmonizator] ™ 1 can be used by anyone, anywhere. It can also be used by small children, who will be visibly happy with being in its field.

Pay for

PRICE: £12

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