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Evenig session by skype 2015-06-18

You can take part in our evenig session by skype. Please contact us for more info.

My spiritual healing classes and workshops 2015-04-18

Please note! The next spiritual healing classes and workshops take place:

20th-26th April 2015 from Monday to Sunday.

Please, contact me for more info. Thank you.

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Theta healing sessions

Theta Healing sessions which I offer use Theta waves to make each person feel relaxed and calm - both at the physical, mental and spiritual level.

There are five different frequencies as far as brain waves are concerned - alfa, beta, gamma, delta and theta all of which are produced constantly by the brain. Both alfa and theta waves help in the following:

  • reducing tensions,
  • reducing anxiety,
  • introducing relaxation,
  • improvement of verbal capabilities,
  • synchronisation of two bran hemispheres,
  • improving creative thinking,
  • pain reduction and endorfines production,
  • activating supernatural senses,
  • recovering from all diseases,

Thanks to Theta Healing sessions I run you will be able to  find the hidden potential within yourself. It is a simple method allowing you to reach the perfect state of physical and psychic balance. The basic Theta Healing includes awakening and stimulating of chromosomes, which, in effect, acts effectively on your memory. My sessions allow each person to realise the positive changes in his/her life.

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